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The main objective of consulting is to help organizations to raise their maturity level in cybersecurity. This objective can be achieved through the definition of solid policies and standards, which follow best market practices and make the organization compliant with the most diverse requirements, with special attention to the company’s niche.

About Consulting

What we do?

Cybersecurity maturity assessment​

Development of cybersecurity policies

Infrastructure technical analysis

Process analysis

Compliance with GDPR / LGPD

Risk analysis


What context does Consulting fits?

Measure maturity

Security policies

Environment analysis


Having a safe environment is not limited to using the best tools available on the market. In fact, it is important to solidly define policies and standards to be followed by the organization’s employees.

Through the security maturity assessment, the consulting team obtains an overview of possible improvements, and creates the documental and procedural basis for the results to be successfully achieved.


What are PROOF's differentials?

We see security as a process that needs to be constantly revisited, with recurring updates and changes, and that is always reinventing itself. That’s because security needs to be much more dynamic and faster in changes so as not to be left behind by market requirements.

We take a personalized approach to understand the client’s current scenario and achieve success through actions and resources such as:

Assessment of the customer’s current environment, using the main frameworks and security standards on the market, such as: ISO 27001, CIS Controls, NIST, PCI-DSS, and others.

The assessments carried out by the consulting team are based on the complete perspective of GRC (Governance, Risks and Compliance), in parallel with the pillars: People, processes and technology. These items are used as the methodological basis for the services provided by the consulting team.

Qualified team, under the management of a DPO, to address needs related to the requirements of the GDPR and LGPD.

PROOF provides services to clients in the most diverse market niches, including banks, fintechs, law firms, oil companies, contact centers, hospitals, and others. It is necessary to understand, in detail, the customer’s scenario, exploring the requirements and bringing solutions for these specific markets.


Why have this service?

Does your company have a security management?

Does your company have established policies?

Is your company GDPR compliant?

Does your company manage cyber risks?

If you answered “NO” to any of these questions, we can help.

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