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The MDR team starts from a preventive approach, since its role consists of, among other aspects, monitoring and analyzing events carried out by users of client companies, with the objective of identifying suspicious behavior and notifying the organization nimbly. In addition to monitoring user actions, the MDR team also performs proactive searches for malicious events.

About MDR

What we do?

Search for malicious events

Behavior analysis

Threat Management

Protection from digital risks

Threat Hunting

Threat Intelligence


What context does MDR fits?

Behavior analysis

Respond to incidents

Identify threats

Protect assets

Having a safe environment is not limited to using the best tools available on the market. In fact, one of the most important factors is the human factor.

The MDR team works with user behavior analysis to identify possible threats and respond to incidents, preserving the protection of corporate assets.


What are PROOF's differentials?

We see security as a process that needs to be constantly revisited, with recurring updates and changes, and that is always reinventing itself. That’s because security needs to be much more dynamic and faster in changes so as not to be left behind by cybercriminals.

In this same context, we highlight the following technologies and strategies used by the MDR team:

Technologies for aggregating event data over the network, including authentication, network access, and critical system logs.

They are responsible for understanding traffic patterns on the network and monitoring activities between trusted networks, as well as to the internet.

It provides detailed information about possible malicious events on user machines and servers, as well as any behavioral or forensic information, for investigation.


Why have this service?

Does your company have a threat management process?

Does your company search for malicious events​?

Does your company perform user behavior analysis?

If you answered “NO” to any of these questions, we can help.

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