Managed Security Services

Our service

We monitor and manage our client’s security assets. Some are reactive support, others have a working proactive approach, according to the contract modality. We are an extension of the customer’s security team.

Some companies do not have a good workforce, skilled labor to manage all the complexity of their technology environment and, therefore, they need a security provider to perform this type of service.

About MSS

What we do?

24x7 Monitoring

Incident response

Cloud Security

Vulnerability Testing

Network Security

Vulnerability Management

Patch Management Support

Audit of cybersecurity tools​


What context does MSS fits?

Mitigate Cyber Risks

Reduce Costs

Qualified Team

With numerous contact surfaces and attack gaps, the exposure is very large. It’s not enough to have a Firewall, IPS, AV, Anti-DDoS and think it’s safe. Cybercrime is growing at astronomical scales and professionalizing as an industry, and the data only supports this new security ecosystem.


What are PROOF's differentials?

We see security as a process that needs to be constantly revisited, with recurring updates and changes, and that is always reinventing itself. That’s because security needs to be much more dynamic and faster in changes so as not to be left behind by cybercriminals.

ITIL v3 – ISO 27002

Insecure – Customer Success – Vulnerability Report.

Cybersecurity awareness solution and best practices education for executives and users.

Equipment improvements, best practices and updates.

Certified professionals in PMP, CISSP, CISM, CEH, Security+, CCNA, etc.


Why have this service?

Does your company manage security assets?

Are security incidents handled?

Does your company have a risk committee?

Does your company address security vulnerabilities?

If you answered “NO” to any of these questions, we can help.

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